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Now that you have glanced through the pages of this catalogue, you and your family can look forward to exciting hours of study and analysis. Before you order, the following items should be carefully considered,


Effective January 1, 2004

 John Randolph Law Office  VA-1 $225.00

Raintree Gatehouse   VA-2 $285.00

Little Mountain View   VA-3 $285.00

The Eastern Shore    VA-4 $285.00

Canterís Way    VA-5 $285.00

Albemarle   VA-6 $510.00

Carrsbrook    VA-7 $510.00

The Glebe   VA-8 $300.00

Farmington   VA-9 $300.00

Oak Hill    VA-10 $300.00

The Loudoun    VA-11 $450.00

Raintree    VA-12 $450.00

Mountain Grove   VA-13  $750.00

Chiptank Creek   VA-14 $720.00

Richmond    VA-15 $600.00

Outbuildings  VAOB-01 $225.00

Garages  VAOB-02 $225.00


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As you review these delightful custom homes, you should keep in mind the total living requirements of your family-both indoors and outdoors, Although we do not make changes in plans, many minor changes may be made prior to the period of construction. If major changes are involved to satisfy your personal requirements, you should consider ordering one set of blueprints and having them redrawn locally, Consultation with an architect is strongly advised when contemplating major changes.

Each order for Blueprints contains the following

  • Cover sheet with a large rendition of the house in a landscaped setting

  • Basement/ foundation plans a plan which, if the house does not include abasement, can be easily adapted for abasement

  • Floor Plans - Complete scaled drawings with dimensions and details

  • Elevations - One large view of the prominent elevation and smaller views of-the other elevations.

  • Building Section - A cut through the building showing its structure and detail

  • Details - Iarge scale interior elevation drawing walls, paneling, kitchen and bath cabinets and closets.

  • Outline Specifications - As an additional service, outline specifications are included, This handy form gives you the same information Architects use to write specs, in a handy fill-in-the-blank style which you will find very helpful.

After you have chosen the design that satisfies your requirements, or if you have selected one that you wish to study in more detail, simply clip the accompanying order blank and mail with your remittance. See order coupon for the postage and handling charges for surface mail, air mail or foreign mail. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of your Blueprints.

if it is not convenient for you to send a check or money order, or if you require quicker delivery, you may use your VISA or MASTERCARD either on the order coupon or by calling our customer service department at (434) 960-1927. VISA, MASTERCARD and telephone orders will be processed and shipped within 48 hours.

To those wishing to build in reverse of the plan as shown, we will include an extra set of reversed blueprints for only $25.00 additional with each order. Even though the lettering and dimensions appear backward on reversed blueprints. they make a handy reference because they show the house just as it's being built in reverse from the standard blueprints--thereby helping you visualize the home.

Since blueprints are printed up in specific response to your individual order, we cannot honor requests for refunds. However. the first set of blueprints in any order (or the one set in a single set order) for a given design may be exchanged for a set of another design at a cost of $25.00 plus the difference in cost of the plans stated on the price sheet if higher. Also include cost of postage and shipping.

Custom Design
If the floor plans or elevations contained in this edition do not suit your specific needs, our de- signers can make adaptations or new plans to serve your purposes.

Custom Consultation During the construction of your new home. our consultants are available on a spIit-fee-plus-expenses basis for various phases of project management Should your home-building requirements call for either of these custom services feel free to contact us for exact costs and other details.

This question is often asked. The answer can range anywhere from 1 to 7 sets, depending upon circumstances. For instance, a single set of blueprints of your favorite design is sufficient to study a house in greater detail. On the other hand, if you are planning to get cost estimates, or if you are planning to build you may need as many as seven sets of blueprints. Because the first set of blueprints in each order is a fixed set price and because additional sets of the same design in each order are only $25 each, you save considerably by ordering your total requirements now. To help you determine the exact number of sets, please refer to this handy check list.

How Many Blueprints Do You Need?
  • Owner's set
  • Builder: (Usually requires at least 3 sets. One as  a legal document; 1 for inspection; and at least 1 for tradesmen-usually more.)

  • Building Permit: (sometimes 2 sets are required. ) 

  • Mortgage Source: (Usually 1 set for a conventional mortgage; 3 sets for FHA or VA type mortgages.)

  • Subdivision Committee: (if any)


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