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1931 Deluxe Tudor

55B assembly plant number H 215 390 engine A 4359962 lots assembled in Houston, Texas in mid February 1931. Few in Houston recall the plant was sold to Maxwell House Coffee. This Tudor was built and fitted as a standard black Tudor sedan, but was 'deluxified' with the addition of cowl lights, grabloop, driver-side mount and fold-out trunk rack. Don has owned the car since 1962. He and his dad restored it then. James and Dad restored it now.



In the shop

180A D.L.

"Now what are you going to do with this pile of junk?" - Girl
"Wow! a Deluxe Phaeton!!" - Guy


Where this 180A was  assembled is  not known. The 180A Biggs Body still has tag 1509-5716. Steve Schmook found this body in a sand pit while inspecting a silver mine in northern Nevada. He resurrected most of the body, but the chassis was gone. Don found a chassis in New York that was assembled in May of 1931, a perfect fit for the 5716 tag. In three years, it will be a show-stopper ....the rarest of rare Ford cars.



James pulls the 180A engine



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