Don Swofford FAIA is focused on the restoration and adaptation of historic buildings and the design of new buildings which reflect the rich architectural traditions of the past. In continuous practice since 1976 the distinguished associates of the practice continue to draw upon two centuries of architecture to inform the design of both historic conservation and new design.


Sustainability in Design
The critical nature of our environment is in the fore front of all the designs of Don Swofford, FAIA and the Associates. Design for both historic and new buildings includes consideration of materials that are authentic, dependable, and maintainable. In addition, the practice possesses a body of knowledge to incorporate centralized wiring and control of the modern traditional structure or classical structure, geothermal heat pumps, alternate waste disposal and alternative energy development. 

Historic Building Restoration
Respect for the designers, artisans and craftsmen who created this country's architectural history is the driving force for our firm's dedication to historic preservation. The restoration and architectural conservation of historic buildings is critical to understanding the character and values of those who created our nation. 

Residential Design
My clients share our commitment to carefully designed and finely detailed residential environments, disciplined by architectural precedent of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and tempered by an understanding of the requirements of contemporary family life. Completed projects are located in sensitive settings, encompassing the design of both residential and agrarian structures. 

Ecclesiastical Design and Restoration
Buildings and places for gathering and worship continue to be critical and integral parts of communities in our nation. Preservation of the buildings that embody the spirit and traditions of these institutions while expanding to accommodate vital new life of the community is the goal of the practice in restoring and extending the life of ecclesiastical facilities.

Institutional and Commercial Restoration and Renovation
The preservation and continued use of historic institutional and commercial buildings gives vitality to the cities and towns of our great nation.. The clear objective is to retain the character of these buildings, but adapting them within realistic programmatic and financial parameters. Federal tax credits, facade easements and other incentives are some of the tools employed by Don Swofford, FAIA and the associates when planning and designing the institutional and commercial project.

Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans
The Historic Structures Report is the crucial first step in the conservation of an old and historic project. The process begins with documentation of the property’s historical and architectural significance and continues with the appropriate direction for treatment. These efforts typically include archival research, architectural, structural and archeological investigations, conditions assessments, a statement of treatment philosophy and specific recommendations for implementation of preservation and conservation strategies.


Don Swofford, FAIA
Don is a pioneer in the conservation and preservation of our National Building Patrimony. As such, he has excelled in the design of traditional infill within the historic context and counts many new traditional and classically based designs to his work. A provocative thinker, designer, and leader of the practice, Don is a member of the College of Fellows . His work in the historic and traditional fields has gained national awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation; namely The Nine Court Square banking offices and Farley, a fine Virginia Country Home. Don’s National, Regional and Local awards are numerous.
Don continues to share a member of the adjunct faculty of the School of Continuing Education at the University of Virginia, and is a frequent critic and guest lecturer at Texas A&M University, The University of Florida’s Preservation Institute: Nantucket the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania. Don is also a faculty member of the AIA’s National Convention Faculty. 
Don’s focus at this time is to continue the work of the practice in commercial retail and offices, residential and large scale New Urbanism planning. He continues thirty two years of distinguished and celebrated architecture at the office in his home at Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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