Project / Location Date Description
Bethany Meeting House Bethany, West Virginia 1984  Rehabilitation of 1848 Disciples of Christ (Campbellites) Church
Market Street Methodist Church, Onnancock, Virginia 1994 Rehabilitation of the north wing and addition of a new church parish hall and classrooms.
St. Andrews Catholic Church Roanoke, Virginia 1994 Schematic design for expansion.
Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church Bedford, Virginia 1994 Complete rehabilitation and expansion of an existing original Roman Catholic Church including complete reconstruction, incorporating the existing original chapel into the new liturgical design.
University Baptist Church Charlottesville, Virginia 1989 Complete rehabilitation and restoration of the interior finishes, lighting fixtures, painting and redesign of the presiders area.
Holy Infant Catholic Church Elkton, Virginia 1988 Redesign of the entry and liturgical redesign.
Emmanuel Lutheran Church Charlottesville, Virginia 1991 Parish hall expansion.
Little Fork Church Culpeper County, Virginia 1974 Restoration of a 1776 church to its original configuration, now used as the memorial meeting house on a weekly basis.
Mud Meeting House Harrodsburg, Kentucky 1976 Restoration of 19th-century meeting house, unusual construction device of wattle and daub. Consisted of reconstructing to the original period of construction.
Paran United Methodist Church Charlottesville, Virginia 1991 Design, liturgical education and construction of a new first unit church.
Pohick Church Fairfax County, Virginia 1988 Maintenance and repair.
St. Francis Catholic Church Staunton, Virginia 1988 Complete rehabilitation of a TJ Collins Church to its original configuration, liturgical education, liturgical design and redesign.
St. Martin's Church Berlin, Maryland 1974 Complete restoration of a mid 19th-century church to its original configuration.
St. Mary's Catholic Church Lovingston, Virginia 1982 Rehabilitation of existing 1840s church for catholic liturgy.
Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church Palmyra, Virginia 1991 Economical design for meeting, sanctuary, classrooms and liturgical functions to facilitate grant from Catholic Missions.
Truro Episcopal Church Fairfax, Virginia 1982 Expansion of chancel.
Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 1988 Chancel redesign for organ.
Bethany Lutheran Church Waynesboro, Virginia 1989 Restoration of early 19th Century Ralph Adam Cramm Designed Church